Spotlight of the Month: Cathryn Marsh

We are catching up our blog with a great big ‘Thank You!’ to January’s Volunteer of the Month, Cathryn Marsh!

Cathryn grew up in Australia then moved to Texas when she was 12. Her dad was a professor and editor of a chemistry journal. Her mother ran the journal office. Cathryn did her undergrad at Texas A&M, then decided to move to Colorado to pursue my Ph.D. in Economics. She met her husband while doing graduate school at the University of Colorado at Boulder. They moved to the Washington, DC area after she graduated. They got married in Evergreen in 2005 and lived in Virginia until 2014. Their son was born in 2007. They were looking to slow down their lives from the hectic east-coast pace and find a place where “kids can be kids”. They wanted to move while Dylan was still 6 or 7 years old so that they could get settled before he made really close friends (remember, Cathryn had moved at the age of 12).

Cathryn joined MOD Moms shortly after moving. She don’t remember exactly how she learned about MOD Moms, but remembers thinking, “it’ll be nice to meet other women.”…  To this day, her friends back in Virginia are shocked at how quickly she met people out here and made friends.

She originally restarted the Working Moms’ group in October or November of 2014. That was really an accident. Cathryn responded to a discussion thread in BigTent and asked if the group was still active, then set up a happy hour because she got so many responses. She has also been active in Wine Club and hosted a few events, then recently started Weekend Foodie Group for folks who want to get out and try new restaurants on the weekends.

Cathryn tends to gravitate towards clubs that a) help women find balance in their lives and connect with other women who face similar challenges, and b) include kids and husbands. “Why not share our great events with our kids and husbands?,” she states. “It also saves the single moms from needing to get a sitter. And she loves that it gives kids who don’t have siblings a chance to host his/her own party and meet other kids.”

When asked why she volunteers with MOD Moms, “It’s just my nature to get involved. I didn’t really think about it,” Cathryn answered.

Cathryn loves Working Moms, Meal-Planning, Wine, Restaurant, Book, and Weekend Foodies.

It’s hard to find time outside work and raising a child to have hobbies, but she really does try. Since moving back to Colorado, she has spent more time focusing on herself. She really likes to cook. Cathryn did a medically-monitored elimination diet with a dietitian last year and lost a lot of weight. In addition to changing what/how she cooks, it’s also reinvigorated her interest in fitness. She is an avid Pilates fan and have also made great strides in terms of hiking and skiing in the past year. Cathryn also enjoys amateur astronomy and camping.

Thank you for all that you do to make this a great community, Cathryn!

The MOD Moms Volunteer of the Month will receive a $25 gift certificate to use at OMNI Resorts, one of the many great MOD Moms partners. The gift certificate can be used at any of the OMNI restaurants, the Mokara Spa or the hotel!

MOD Moms simply cannot function without all of the dedicated, hard-working volunteers who make the events, clubs, playgroups, partnerships and behind-the-scenes stuff happen. Thank you to all of you fantastic women who help make this group a wonderful place!

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