Spotlight of the Month: Denise Marrapode

We are catching up our blog with a great big ‘Thank You!’ to February’s Volunteer of the Month, Denise Marrapode!

Denise is currently a stay at home mom to two children, Owen age 3 and Cora 3 months. Her husband, Adam, is an engineering manager at Solidfire in Boulder. Denise and Adam are both originally from Naperville, IL. They went to CU Boulder and have spent the last decade living in the Denver/Boulder area.

Denise joined MOD Moms in August of 2014 when they moved from downtown Denver to the suburbs. Denise is our Director of Current Partnerships. Her role entails advertising for our partners on Facebook and BigTent, our internal communication platform.  Denise keeps track of how often our partners need advertising.  Be sure to give our external Facebook Page a LIKE at

Denise joined MOD Moms in August of 2014 and in November of 2015 she became a volunteer. She felt that volunteering was a way to stay in the loop, but also a good way to be active and give back to a community that has given her so much. “I’ve been so fortunate to find a community of moms and friends that have supported me through the trials and triumphs of motherhood. I wanted to help build and support that kind of community for other moms.  I’ve always been happy to support local, growing businesses so I am excited about advertising for our partners. It is always great to see what kinds of things our partners have going on; new specials, exclusive discounts for MOD Moms, events, etc.  Plus, a lot of our members are business owners and MOD Mom partners. I love to support other moms and cheer them on,” Denise tells us.

Denise really enjoy the MOD moms playdates! Her preschooler really loves the playdates at Louisville Mountain Kids. Their family has also enjoyed special events like the Easter Egg Hunt and shopping events at Athleta.

Denise loves spending time with her family in the outdoors, whether it be hiking, skiing or camping. She loves to read, chat with friends and drink coffee. Denise has a masters degree in Elementary Education and an endorsement in Special Education.  While she is not teaching full time right now, she does substitute teach in BVSD on occasion. She enjoys staying home with her children, but hopes to return to the classroom in the future.

Thank you for all that you do to make this a great community, Denise!

The MOD Moms Volunteer of the Month will receive a $25 gift certificate to use at OMNI Resorts, one of the many great MOD Moms partners. The gift certificate can be used at any of the OMNI restaurants, the Mokara Spa or the hotel!

MOD Moms simply cannot function without all of the dedicated, hard-working volunteers who make the events, clubs, playgroups, partnerships and behind-the-scenes stuff happen. Thank you to all of you fantastic women who help make this group a wonderful place!

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