Gaia Health- Women and Family Centered Care

Gaia Health is a women and family-centered health care office providing chiropractic, postpartum physical therapy rehab, massage, doula services, and personal training for moms both prenatally and postpartum. Our specialty is working with women and more specifically prenatal, postpartum and pediatric populations through chiropractic care, fitness, and physical therapy rehab. We also teach classes to the community on how to workout safely throughout pregnancy and how to return to fitness safely postpartum. We offer a fitness class currently at EVO called Goddess Theory Fitness to provide a class where prenatal and postpartum women can workout safely for the needs of their body.



Phone: 303-717-6323

Address: 1255 Cimarron Drive, Suite 201, Lafayette, CO 80026

Contact: Nichelle Gurule

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