MOD Assistants

At MOD Assistants we provide our clients with the ease of mind that only a completed check list of tasks can provide. Our team of qualified, reliable (and overly organized) personal and business assistants work with each client from 4-16 hours per week handling laundry, pet care, household management, office maintenance, scheduling and mundane errands. Our goal each and every day is to give our clients #moretimetolive.



Phone: 303-957-7149

Address: 240 St Paul Street – Suite 309, Denver, CO 80206

Contact: Shannon Mazza

MOD Moms Discount:

See how much time MOD Assistants can save you with a month of service. Purchase 3 weeks and receive your 4th week free!
*minimum 4 hours per week.
Free week will reflect the hours used during previous 3 weeks.
Billed weekly.

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