Kaia Fit Lafayette

Kaia Fit Lafayette is a fitness program catered to women. We specialize in delivering personal training in a group atmosphere with a focus on function and muscle confusion. Our sessions are loaded with innovative workouts that keep your body guessing and nutritional support that is specific to the season. One of the most important components of Kaia Fit is finding camaraderie through our programs. The women in our classes are all working towards the same goal of health and happiness, and become the motivation we all need to keep moving forward with our goals.

Website: http://www.kaiafitlafayette.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KaiaF.I.TLafayette/

Phone: (757) 870-4488

Address: 102 East Cleveland Street, Lafayette, CO 80026

Contact: Christine Driscoll lafayette@kaiafit.com

MOD Moms Discount: 15% off all memberships

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