Cheryl Rowan Speech Therapy

As a certified speech and language therapist, Cheryl Rowan specializes in providing comprehensive speech-language evaluations and high-quality therapy services to children and adolescents. With a welcoming clinic located in Louisville (about 1 mile from old-town), Cheryl treats clients from Louisville and surrounding areas including Superior, Lafayette, Boulder, Erie, Westminster, as well as other nearby cities.

Cheryl can help if your child is:
– difficult to understand because speech sounds are left off, changed, or incorrect
– struggling with expressive language, such as putting thoughts into words that can be understood by others
– struggling with receptive language, such as having a hard time following directions or understanding others
– challenged to learn new vocabulary or remember the right word
– stuttering
– struggling with reading, or
– diagnosed with a syndrome, language learning disorder or developmental disorder that impacts speech and language



Phone: 818-427-3600

Address: Walnut Lane, Louisville, CO 80027

Contact: Cheryl Rowan

MOD Moms Discount:

  • Free Speech-Language Screenings to MOD Moms (normally $20)
  • Free Seminar
  • Free Coffee Talk
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